FuturePrep International (FPI) is thriving as a first choice company for people and performance developemnt though training, coaching and consulting. Our team consists of leading consultants, specialist trainers, experienced coaches, and subject matter researchers. It is an innovative education platform, for 18 year olds and onwards, that helps individuals discover and pursue their passion. It provides an individual with unique opportunities to explore their interests in-depth via interactive, live sessions moderated by experienced professionals.

At FPI, we believe every individual has a higher motive and ability to achieve. We help them reach their highest potential.


FPI came into existence in 2020, amidst covid, when everything switched to online overnight. It was very difficult for individuals to adapt to the new digital work environment. FPI helped train organisations adapt to remote work. It designed customised training for organisations for their teams to adapt to the new digital work culture, work-life balance, and mental health. It also extended its wing into skill development of individuals as soft skills, employability skills, entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking, adaptive leadership, growth mindset, empathy, and discovering oneself are a few out of the many that the youth lack in their lives.


Core Values:









  1. Self Empowerment Program

6 weeks long

  1. Acing Your Interview

       5 days program

  1. First Impression (CV/Resume) Development Program

3 days

  1. Dress to Impress

2 days + 1 day

  1. Counseling

Individual sessions

  1. Self Branding

2 weeks




Why Self Empowerment Program?

85% of our graduates say they experienced a boost in their performance because of the skills they learned in the SEP.

Boost your own performance too and learn must-have practical skills to succeed in the future of work!